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Return to work during covid-19 pandemic

COVID-19 Return to Work Checklist

To assist you with the next stage in your pandemic preparedness strategy, we created this Return To Work Checklist. The checklist includes everything you need for planning and executing your return to work strategy, including several templates for sample policies

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coronavirus faqs

Coronavirus FAQs for Employers

The coronavirus presents some unique challenges for employers. To help you remain compliant and ensure you have access to some of the best resources on the coronavirus, Melita has prepared the following FAQs. Question: Are there any resources we can

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People Analytics

Why People Analytics should be a priority for your HR team

Businesses big and small have been relying on data and analytics to drive better business outcomes for awhile. In recent years, we’re seeing more organizations integrating people analytics into HR management. HR leaders realize they can improve recruitment, performance, retention,

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Employment law changes 2020

Employment Law Changes for 2020

To prepare you for this new decade, Melita drafted the following summary of significant changes in law expected to impact employers this year. Would you like a PDF copy of the “Employment Law Changes for 2020”? Download the PDF Copy

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