Frequently Asked Questions

About Melita

Q1: How long has Melita been in business?

A1: Melita has been helping our clients succeed by supporting them with high-touch HR, payroll processing, employee benefits, and employment compliance services for over 25 years.

Q2: What’s your retention rate?

A2: Our retention rate is 97%. Our clients stay with us because we focus on achieving results that improve their bottom line and provide our clients with consistently high-quality services and support.

We provide your employees with superior support on routine issues related to HR, payroll, and benefits. This is reflected in our Net Promoter Score of 73, which is among the highest in the industry (average NPS for the professional services industry is 58).

Q3: Do you do any international work?  If so, where?

A3: Yes, we offer international services. We are able to support a variety of countries and currently support clients with employees in Canada, the UK, India, Germany, Italy, Australia, Singapore, Mexico, and Japan.

Q4: Who will work on our account?

A4: There are several Melita team members that will support you and your employees: A dedicated team including, People Operations Leader and People Operations Coordinator (HR Service Support), Benefits Advisor and Benefits Specialist, and a Payroll Specialist.

In addition to these direct resources, your employees can contact our Melita Help Desk (team of 6) via email or phone for support on any of these topics.


Q5: Did you build your own proprietary software or are you leveraging another company’s software?

A5:  We leverage ADP WorkforceNow as the primary software for employee self-service, payroll processing, and general administration of HR and Benefits.

However, we have also developed a custom client portal called MyMelita, built on the SalesForce platform. MyMelita, is what our clients use to report work events (e.g. new hires, terminations, payroll garnishments, company address change, etc.).

MyMelita is integrated with WorkforceNow so it provides a consolidated location for Employer Administrators to see real-time reporting of company activities, quick access to Box for data storage, and links to your Melita Contacts.

Q6. What does your ATS look like? Do you have something built in-house or do you use something like Lever?

A6: If you want to add Talent Acquisition services, our standard ATS is Newton Software, but we could also support Lever or Greenhouse if you prefer one of those systems.

Q7. What accounting software can you integrate with?

A7: We can provide an integration file with almost any accounting system. As part of the initial setup, we will ask for the GL file specifications and will customize a file feed that your accounting team can directly import into your accounting system each pay cycle.

Q8. What are your information security practices?  Have you ever had a data breach?

A8: We have never had a data breach.  We can share with you a copy of our HIPAA Security Policies & Procedures.

The simple version of our data security practices is that we do not maintain an onsite server and sensitive client data is not stored on employee computers. All data is stored in the cloud in our three technology partner platforms:  SalesForce, Box, and ADP Workforce Now.

All are highly secure systems with multiple layers of redundancy. We also utilize dual authentication technology through a technology called LastPass, so all Melita staff must use two-factor authentication when accessing any of our systems.

Q9: Does Melita indemnify or guarantee its work in case of an issue.  Say a quarterly tax filing is incorrectly done or late and the gov’t assesses fines or penalties, and its Melita’s fault – who picks up the tab?

A9: ADP is responsible for all tax filings and payment of the proper taxes on your behalf; they have the liability for those important activities.

We will be sending a copy of the ADP agreement along with a copy of our contract for review of the specific legal verbiage.

At Melita, we do stand behind our work and take responsibility for our mistakes, but of course, the contract has some “CYA” language. We have had many client legal reviews and we’ve never had any object to our contract language; I’m sure you’ll find it to be reasonable.

Brokerage Details

Q10: Which benefits providers do you partner with?

A10: Melita is an independent broker and therefore able to work with all insurance carriers. As a broker, we show our clients all benefit plan options available on the market to help them pick the best fit when it comes to plan design and cost.

Q11: Would Melita be able to support a partial benefit conversion?

A11: Yes, we can support a partial benefit conversion.

Q12: Do I need a separate broker for optional benefits (e.g. LTD/STD/Life/401K)?

A12: Melita is an independent broker and therefore able to work with all insurance carriers; including ancillary and optional plans.

As a broker, we show our clients all benefit plan options available on the market to help them pick the best fit when it comes to plan design and cost.

Q13: Can you offer supplemental benefits?

A13: Yes, you can certainly offer additional voluntary benefits to your employees. Part of our annual benefits review process is discussing strategy on your benefits package.

There a quite a few options for voluntary payroll deduction benefits, one of which is AFLAC. 

But there are some additional options as well. We can review all of your options and help you select and implement the best fit.

Q14: Are there any employee wellness programs offered?

A14: Yes, each of the carriers offers Wellness perks and resources; We would be happy to help consolidate and review once the plans are finalized.

Melita will also help organize a “Health Fair”, flu shot clinic, etc. if desired. The company will also have access to an Employee Assistance Program that will offer resources and counseling services on a variety of topics.


Q15: Is there an annual commitment, or is the agreement month-to-month?

A15: Our initial contract is a 2-year term on the Benefits brokerage, but all of the other services can be modified or terminated with a 60-day notice.

Q16: What is the implementation time?
A16:  We typically request a 60-day lead time for implementation.

Q17: Do you help us manage and improve employee engagement?

A17: Yes, we have a separate service package related to Performance Management & Employee Engagement. If you don’t want to purchase the service, we can still give you some advice and guidance on your engagement program.

Q18: Can Melita provide a top customer list and contacts for reference checks?

A18: Yes, we are happy to provide references. Our policy is to ask permission of our clients before using them as a reference so please give us a couple of days and we’ll get you a list.

Thank you!

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