Human Resources Assessments

Protect, Propel and Elevate your people & your business

Building a solid HR function that has a big impact on the success of your organization requires a balanced approach that begins with a foundation of the fundamentals to protect the business.

Only with a strong foundation in place can you build the more high impact functions of HR that will both propel and elevate the business. We call these the building blocks of HR and we consider them to be of paramount importance for every organization large and small.

Human Resources Assessments
Strategic HR is the design and oversight of the critical People Process aka the HR Road Map for the business. With Strategic HR you embed the People Process into the DNA of the culture to Elevate the business.

Stractical HR is the design and execution of key HR processes associated with activities that are often treated as admin tasks, but have a high impact on employee engagement. With Stractical HR you Propel the business forward by maximizing employee engagement and performance.

Tactical HR is the process related to, and performance of, routine activities of HR Benefits & Payroll, focused mostly on compliance and administration. With Tactical HR, you Protect the business with thorough, timely, and accurate Compliance, Administration and Employment Practices.

Helping you chart a path for success

Our services span the spectrum of the HR Building Blocks. With all of our client engagements we start with our proprietary HR Assessment tools to give you a quantified measurement of your HR infrastructure and practices.

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