Cost-Effective HR Outsourcing Solutions: PEO vs. HRO

Find out which HR outsourcing solution is best for helping your business grow and succeed.

For cost-effective HR, Benefits & Payroll outsourcing solutions, you have mainly two options: partnering with a PEO company or an HRO company. But which solution is best to help your business grow and succeed? Download this short PDF guide to learn:
  • How PEO & HRO HR outsourcing models work
  • The cost structures of PEOs and HROs
  • PEO vs. HRO key feature comparison
  • Which solution is best for helping your business grow and succeed longterm

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About Melita

Melita has been providing comprehensive HR, Payroll, Compliance, and Benefits outsourcing services to small and medium businesses for over 25 years.

We help your organization get quality benefits, avoid legal issues, and improve employee satisfaction while minimizing the expense and inefficiencies associated with properly managing HR, Payroll, and Benefits.

Melita is passionate about helping you build a strong people foundation to drive higher employee engagement and achieve better business results.

Experienced Management Team

25 Years of Experience​

For 25 years, we've been helping our clients succeed by supporting them with high-touch HR, payroll processing, and employee benefits services.

97% Retention Rate​

We're a results-driven organization. We focus on achieving results that grow your bottom line. Our clients love working with us, and we have a high 97% retention rate as a result.

World Class Support​

Delivering high-quality support and service is a major focus of our HR solution. This is reflected in our Net Promoter Score of 73, which is among the highest in the industry (average NPS for professional services industry is 58).

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