Which solution package is right for your business?

It's an undeniable truth that at the foundation of EVERY great company is Great HR! But building a Great HR foundation requires broad and deep skill sets only found in a team of HR, Benefits, Payroll and HR technology specialists. With all of our solution packages you get fractional ownership of a complete team of specialists packaged together with world class technology. Check out our solutions to see which one is the best fit for your business:

Competitively priced benefits packages customized to your business. Neatly packaged with cloud technology and white glove service to make your employees feel special and important.

Complete HR, Benefits & Payroll solution built for your business and managed by your Melita Team of Specialists, until you're ready to take it over yourself.

Add ongoing senior HR leadership presence to your leadership team, without the cost of hiring a strategic level HR leader, and elevate your businesses to the next level.

5 Key Reasons our Solutions are Different and Better!

Fractional Ownership of a
Complete Team of Specialists

Great HR requires a team of specialists. With Melita you get fractional ownership of a complete team of specialists so you get the benefits of a complete team, at an affordable cost.

People Powered!

Robust technology without expert users, is pointless. We install & configure a robust, cloud-based HR, Benefits & Payroll technology then your Melita team manages it for you, to ensure you get the most out of your technology.

We build YOUR HR for
YOUR business

HR is too important to outsource, and it's too important to wait until you can build a qualified team. Let us build and manage an HR infrastructure designed around your business, so you can take it over when you're ready.

Better, Faster, Smarter HR, Benefits & Payroll

The entire focus of our business is HR, Benefits & Payroll! So we've invested in the best technologies, built a team of the experienced specialists, and developed a model that allows us to deliver our complete team of specialists bundled with our robust cloud technology to deliver a complete solution that is better, faster, smarter, and cheaper than any small business could achieve on their own.

Great HR = Real Business Results!

Data show that the "intangible" assets of your business such as company culture, employee engagement, employment brand, shared values, clear purpose, etc. are NOT just feel good contextual factors in a businesses success. They have a real and direct impact on the financial results of the business. The difference between Good HR and Great HR has a substantial impact on your sales, profits, and your business valuation. Do you have Great HR!

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