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PEO vs HRO: Which HR outsourcing solution is better for elevating your business?

You have mainly two options when it comes to outsourcing your HR, Payroll, and Benefits administration: PEO (Professional Employment Organization) or HRO (Human Resources Outsourcing).

The two differing approaches to managed HR outsourcing have different benefits and ramifications for your business.

Choosing the wrong solution could cause lots of headaches for you down the road and hamper your business growth.

Download this PDF guide to learn:

  • How PEO & HRO outsourcing models work
  • The cost structures of PEOs and HROs
  • PEO vs. HRO key feature comparison
  • Which solution is best for helping your business run more smoothly and drive higher business performance

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About Melita

Melita is a Human Resources Outsourcing (HRO) company providing comprehensive HR, Payroll, and Benefits consulting and outsourcing services to startups and small, medium-sized businesses. We help your organization maximize employee satisfaction while minimizing the expense and hassle associated with properly managing HR and Benefits.

Melita is passionate about helping you build an engaged workforce to drive business performance. There is a fine line between Good and Great and we feel very strongly that where you fall on that line is dictated by the “Who” and “Why” of your business. Effective HR management is all about building a People Process focused on the “Who” and “Why”.

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