The Melita Story

We are passionate about elevating HR.


Founded in 1993. Bootstrapped and built to last.


$350,000,000+ in payroll and premiums processed for our clients each year.


Zero outside investors or outside stakeholders. So we are beholden to no one but our own clients and our employees.

Melita's Mission

Melita is passionate about helping businesses of all shapes and sizes elevate their HR so they can achieve excellence in whatever it is they do. We believe that the right people, in the right environment, for the right reasons, are capable of changing the world, no matter what their endeavor. There is a fine line between Good and Great and we feel very strongly that where you fall on that line is dictated by the “Who” and “Why” of your business. Elevating HR is all about building a People Process focused on the “Who” and “Why”.

What we stand for

We are known for our high-integrity approach to building relationships with our clients, partners, and the community. In an industry where trust is not a given, we pride ourselves on the trust we earn and keep.

As a results-driven organization, we hold ourselves accountable for our promises, and we celebrate the successes of our clients. We succeed in this thanks to great people that genuinely care about our clients and each other. We measure ourselves by the success of our clients, the happiness of our employees, and the impact we have on our industry.

The Melita Values

We love our Customers

We constantly work at understanding our clients' problems, wants, and needs. And we are tenacious about exceeding expectations.


We conduct ourselves with the highest levels of integrity and honesty in everything we do and say.

Accountability & Recognition

Every team member has goals and expectations and will be held accountable for their work results. Positive performance will be recognized and rewarded.

Innovation & Creativity

Breakthrough thinking and new ideas, both small and large, are the lifeblood of progress, and lead to new and better solutions.

Extraordinary Teamwork

As a high performing, close knit group of people, we engage each other with trust and respect, and focus all of our energy on the results produced by the team.


Life is simply better when we are mentally and physically well. Staying fresh, relaxed, energized, and active physically and mentally helps us to be more energized, alert, productive, and engaged.

Fun & Humility

We take our work seriously, but we don't take ourselves too seriously, so we keep a light heart and laugh often. We are extremely confident in our expertise and capabilities, but we remain humble.

Our Team

Our team consists of experts with decades of experience in HR, Benefits, and Payroll and a support staff that is committed to delivering world class service.


The origin of our company name

Melita is the ancient name of the tiny Southern European island country of Malta. Although it’s one of the smallest countries in the world, Malta has an extremely rich and storied history of perseverance, determination, and a fierce resolve to protect the freedom and values of their people. 

Although the island is tiny in stature (about 30% smaller than the city of San Jose, CA), it is a historical giant, with evidence of civilizations dating back to 4,000 B.C. and a succession of rulers including the Romans, Moors, Knights of Saint John, Spanish, French and British. The successful defense of their island over the powerful armies of Hitler during WWII, and the dominant Ottoman Empire during the Great Siege of 1565 in which 6,100 Maltese fought off the massive Turkish armada of 40,000 invaders, are among the epic David vs. Goliath victories throughout history. In short, Malta is a small giant.

Like Malta, we are resolved to stand by our values, and make a big mark on the world, without losing the qualities that make us special and unique. We recognize that bigger isn’t better, but that better is better. So growth is not our business strategy because it is often the enemy of excellence. Growth instead should be the byproduct of excellence, and we aspire to achieve excellence in everything we do. Therefore, it is with great pride and honor that we at Melita choose to follow the path of our historically significant namesake, to be a small giant in the world of HR, Benefits & Payroll!

Where Malta is on the Map

A letter from our Founder & CEO

Dear Potential Employees and Prospective Customers,

As you consider your options for where you want to build your career, or as you evaluate vendor partners for helping your business with the critical work of building a world-class HR department, I would like to share what I consider to be very important and relevant background information about Melita.

Melita is a privately owned business founded in Silicon Valley in 1993. We have no outside investors and we don’t have an “exit strategy”! Our purpose is simply to do great things for our clients and to cultivate a culture in which our employees can thrive. We are not burdened with the pressures of enriching outside investors with their short-term motives rarely aligned with the interests of employees and clients. We built the Melita brand, not by spending huge amounts of money on marketing, but by doing something useful and valuable for our clients, conducting ourselves with integrity, and taking great pride in our work. Since our inception in 1993, we have grown organically, one client at a time. Along the way we’ve made mistakes, but we’ve learned a lot, innovated constantly, and made adjustments to get better and stronger. You can’t buy that kind of experience with investment.

We have also been innovative and taken risks on new technologies and services. We were one of the pioneers in the cloud technology market with the founding of in 1999 (sold to PlanSource in 2012), and our progressive service packages go beyond simply helping our clients with administration and support. In short, Melita is an evolution, and over our 25 years in business we have evolved to be better, stronger, smarter, and faster than we could ever be if we had the sort of force fed, investor-driven growth that so many businesses struggle with in today’s economy. We do not measure our success by our revenues, or how many employees we have, or what percentage growth we’ve delivered over the last few years. We measure ourselves on the results we get for our clients and the culture we’ve built for our people. Those are the things that matter, and those are precisely the things that make us among the best at what we do.

So while we may not be a household name, we are well-known by our clients for quietly doing what we’ve been doing for 25 years: Working hard to deliver high quality services, technology, and results, to help our clients thrive and to elevate the way they hire, engage and lead their workforce and their business to the highest levels of performance.

If you’re passionate about HR and you share our values check out our Careers page, or if you’re a business with 5 – 1,000 employees and you want to build a truly great company, and you recognize the value of elevating your HR, please contact us, or join our mailing list. We would love to earn the privilege to work with you!

With warm regards,

Paul Mifsud
Founder & CEO
Melita Group

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