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The HR Technology market has exploded over the last decade with new vendors, innovations, and lots of competition. While that’s a positive trend for employers, it creates a minefield of options that look and sound similar. But HR, Benefits & Payroll are complex, so your technology solution must be broad and deep in its capabilities. With so many vendors vying for market share, most of which have modern user interfaces but lack in depth of features, there are many misleading claims that their technology is a complete solution and imply that you will transform your HR department just by installing their technology.

Unfortunately it’s not quite that simple. Even the best technologies are merely a tool. A very powerful, transformative tool, but only if you choose the right technology, configure it thoroughly to fit your business, and utilize the full capabilities by completely changing your processes and procedures to maximize the capabilities of the technology. All of this requires qualified, experienced people. At Melita, we blend the power of proven technology solutions, with highly skilled people and regimented processes, to deliver a complete solution.

True All-in-One technology that blends proven
stability with modern user interface.

Workflow & Process Design

Maximizing the power and capabilities of your technology requires thorough process and procedures. Your Melita Technology Specialist will work with the rest of your Melita team to install and configure your technology and establish workflows and processes to ensure you are getting the most from your technology investment.
Employee & Manager Portals and Mobile App

Employees can do everything in one place: On-boarding, benefits enrollment, request PTO, view their pay stubs, clock in & out, view employee handbook, and e-sign all company policies. Managers can view their team calendar, approve PTO requests, and more.

Turnkey Payroll

Proven, reliable, and robust payroll software fully integrated with HR and Benefits modules. Payroll service includes tax payments, government filings, and W-2s. Includes advanced reporting and hands-on support.

Time & Attendance

Time-off requests and approvals via portal or mobile app. Electronic employee time cards, manager time card approval dashboard, view team calendars, see time off balances, and more.

Applicant Tracking

Track, assess, communicate, and engage with your top candidates as they progress through the application process. Integrated with all major job boards.

Performance Management

Engage your employees and give them full visibility into their progress and performance. Goal setting, one-on-one meeting documentation, professional development tracking. Advanced team performance reporting.

Data Analytics & Benchmarking

Dashboards of key performance indicators of your people function, Analytics, Data Analytics & Benchmarking.

International Support

Track and pay your international employees or just track them so you have a single global workforce solution.

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