Why Us

The fundamentals of HR, Benefits & Payroll haven’t changed, but the business environment continues to evolve rapidly. Faster change means more generation gaps and more generations of people entering the workforce. It also means rapidly advancing technologies and fresh ideas on how companies can get the best out of their people and help their people get the best out of themselves.

At Melita we have built our business around balancing the fundamentals with innovative thinking and utilization of technology to deliver powerful, unique services to our clients. On the surface most businesses offering HR, Benefits and/or Payroll services look very similar, but we believe we’re different!

The following enduring truths are at the core of who we are and what we do:

We believe that building anything great starts with a strong foundation!

Your people are THE most important variable in the success of your business, so it’s critical to build a rock solid foundation from the very start. Yet most businesses see HR infrastructure as an afterthought in the early stages. The reality is the first 50-100 employees are the most important you will ever hire, so you need to do it right. At Melita, we know how to navigate the critical, but cost-sensitive stages of building a strong HR foundation for your business, balancing cost with getting it done right.

We recognize achieving Great HR requires a broad and deep skill set only achievable with a team of specialists.

Culture, recruiting, payroll, employee benefits, employee relations, compensation, talent development, employee engagement, compliance, administration, on-boarding, off-boarding, policies & procedures, performance management. These, and more, are the work of HR. The execution of these critical activities differentiate the good from the great. We help our clients achieve Great HR by giving them fractional ownership of a team of specialists for a fraction of
the cost.

We understand that HR technology is not a solution, but it is a powerful tool.

Properly utilizing technology requires substantial changes to process, employee communications, job responsibilities, and deep understanding of how to configure and utilize advanced HR technologies. Doing that effectively requires experience, know-how, and regimented processes. At Melita, we deliver solutions that are heavily technology-enabled, but are powered by people.

We know that emotionally engaged employees produce significantly better results.

Having emotionally committed employees is a game changer! You can’t buy that and it doesn’t
just happen if you pay high wages, offer free perks or hire great recruiters. Employee engagement requires a systematic, organized, company-wide effort to engage the hearts and minds of your people. It’s not easy, but it is achievable, and when it happens, it’s like magic. Employee engagement is one of the core elements of Great HR so it’s a major focus of Melita’s solutions packages.

We understand that Great HR doesn’t necessarily cost more than mediocre HR.

There is a right and a wrong way of executing the key fundamentals of HR. The wrong way generally carries a lower initial price tag, but carries many hidden costs. On the other hand, doing it right is an investment that ensures your business is doing the right things to attract, hire and engage top talent. At Melita our mission is to achieve Great HR for our clients and we know how to do it the right way at an affordable cost.

We feel strongly that you can’t improve something you don’t measure.

Every successful business, regardless of size, must have a systematic way of measuring the key functions of the business. Considering the importance of culture, talent acquisition, and employee performance, every business must have a clear set of quantifiable metrics that are communicated, measured, and tracked. We’ve developed a proprietary set of key performance indicators that quantify the performance of the critical people function of your business.

We Focus on Results.

Effort matters but only to the extent that it produces results. We seem to be living in a world
where credibility is no longer earned over time, rather it is artificially manufactured through massive marketing campaigns and media buzz. But real credibility and trust can only be earned by consistently producing quality results. For 25 years we’ve built our reputation by measuring our success on the results we achieve for our clients. We don’t make promises with words, we demonstrate them with our action.

We are Different.

Melita is a privately owned business with no outside investors and no “exit strategy”. We are not burdened with the pressures of enriching outside investors with their short-term motives rarely aligned with the interests of employees and clients. We built the Melita brand by doing something useful and valuable for our clients, conducting ourselves with integrity, and taking great pride in our work. We measure ourselves on the results we get for our clients and the culture we’ve built for our people. Those are the things that matter, and those are precisely the things that make us among the best at what we do.

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