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Are you ready to build the foundation for achieving great HR? Discover why Melita is the right partner to lead you there.

25 Years of Experience

For 25 years, we’ve been helping our clients succeed by innovating, serving, and supporting their Human Resources and Employee Benefits needs.

97% Retention Rate

We’re a results-driven organization, and we focus on achieving results that improve your bottom line and drive your business growth. Our clients love working with us, and we have a high 97% retention rate as a result.

World Class Support

We provide your employees with superior support on routine issues related to HR, payroll, and benefits. This is reflected in our Net Promoter Score of 73, which is among the highest in the industry (average NPS for professional services industry is 58).

We help you build a strong HR foundation

Your people are THE most important variable in the success of your business, so it’s critical to build a rock solid HR foundation from the very start. From payroll and compliance to benefits and recruiting, we help build your HR infrastructure that is well engineered, strong and stable.

At Melita, we know how to navigate the critical, but cost-sensitive stages of building a strong HR foundation for your business, balancing cost with getting it done right.

Team of HR, Benefits, and Payroll specialists

Get a complete team of specialists to support all your HR needs

Modern HR management is critical to your business success. But it requires broad and deep expertise in many areas, including benefits & compensation, payroll, employment laws & regulations, employee relations, culture, recruitment, policies & procedures, performance management, HR technology, and much more.

The execution of these activities requires a team of experienced and credentialed HR, Payroll, Benefits, Talent Management, and Technology specialists. For businesses that want to grow and function smoothly, Melita gives you fractional ownership of a complete team of specialists to provide you with complete tactical and strategic HR support.

Expert configuration and management of robust all-in-one technology

All of our solutions include robust HR technology, built and configured by our experienced HR technology specialists. The technology is incorporated into our regimented, highly process-orientated operation that is managed by your Melita team, to deliver the optimal technology-enabled, people powered solution.

Configuring HR technology
Employees engagement

Employees engagement is a major focus of our packages

Having emotionally committed employees is a game changer! Achieving that requires more than just paying higher wages, offering free perks, or hiring great recruiters. Employee engagement requires a systematic, organized, company-wide effort to engage the hearts and minds of your people. It’s not easy, but we know how to do it and it’s a major focus of our solutions packages.

We are Different

Melita is a privately owned business with no outside investors and no “exit strategy”. We are not burdened with the pressures of enriching outside investors with their short-term motives rarely aligned with the interests of employees and clients.

We exist to do useful and valuable things for our clients, and we take great pride in our work. We measure ourselves on the results we get for our clients and the culture we’ve built for our people. Those are the things that matter, and those are precisely the things that make us among the best at what we do.

We are different

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