Elevate-A-Life Frequently Asked Questions

Scholarship Proceeds

Q1: What portion of the $20,000 scholarship is applied toward college tuition versus childcare expenses?

A1: The scholarship is broken into 2 or 3 parts depending upon if you attend a college on the Quarter or Semester system ($10,000 per semester or $6,667 for quarters). The scholarship funds will first be applied to all college tuition and book expenses. The remainder of the funds for that semester or quarter can be used for child care expenses. For example, if your college is on the semester system and the total cost of tuition and books for the first semester is $1,000, you would have $9,000 for child care expenses for that semester.


Q2: What are valid childcare expenses?

A2: We will be flexible with the exact nature of the expenses, but the expectation is that the funds will be used for the care of your children under the age of 14 for one of the following:
• Child care
• Nursery school
• Before- and after-school care

Household Income

Q3: How should Total Household Income be calculated?

A3:  Total household income is the total amount of all wages, earnings, and any other income source received by all members of the applicant’s household during the last calendar year. An applicant that can be claimed as a dependent on his or her parents’ U.S. federal tax return should include the parents’ annual income as well as their own.


Q4. My family has recently lost our source of income. How should I report this on my application?

A4: To verify your household income, we must rely upon information that can be verified by government documents. This means that we will require a copy of your federal income tax return and documented sources of income if you are an independent student, or a copy of your parents’ federal income tax return if you are a dependent student before you can be awarded this scholarship.

If you or your parent has recently lost a job and you expect that your household income will be significantly diminished in the upcoming school year, you may explain that in your application essay. However, you must populate the household income question on the application with a verifiable response.


Q5: Are graduate students eligible for the scholarship?

A5: No. Our scholarships are currently only available to undergraduate students.


Q6: Do I qualify for this scholarship if I have already completed some of my college coursework towards my bachelor’s degree?

A6: Yes, you would still be eligible for the scholarship for the remainder of your college courses needed to obtain your bachelor’s degree.


Q7: Can I apply if my household income is at or below the poverty level?

A7: Yes, as long as all of the eligibility criteria are met,  you are still eligible. Melita considers many factors when reviewing your application, and your socioeconomic status is only one of the factors in our selection process.


Q8: If I’m not the legal guardian for my child(ren) am I still eligible?

A8: No, you must be the legal guardian for at least one child under the age of 14 to be eligible for the Elevate-A-Life Scholarship.


Q9: If I’m a convicted felon, am I still eligible?

A9: Yes, as long as all of the eligibility criteria are met you are still eligible. Melita considers many factors when reviewing your application, and this is one of the many factors included in our selection process.


If you have a question that is not addressed here, please email us at elevatealife@melitagroup.com.

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