Elevate-A-Life Scholarship

At Melita, our “Why?” is all about helping others.  The Elevate-A-Life Scholarship is an extension of our “Why?”, and our small way of making a difference.    

There is no role greater and more important in life than that of a mother.  Mothers sacrifice so much, putting their own wants and needs second to those of their children.  It is an exhausting and often thankless role.  It is a role that requires an angel’s touch, an iron will, the patience of a saint, and a warrior’s resolve.  In short, mothers are heroes.  But, even heroes can use a boost sometimes.  

For many, being a mother requires putting their education and dream career on hold.  For single mothers, putting your dreams on hold often means working in low-wage jobs to make ends meet; making it impossible to afford the cost and time demands required to pursue a college degree. The Elevate-A-Life Scholarship was created to give a single mother that “boost” to help pursue her education and career goals.  A boost to help her achieve financial independence and shift from surviving to thriving. 

This scholarship is not just about providing financial support.  It is also about giving our time to mentor and assist the recipient through education and career-building in the Human Resources industry.


The inspiration for this scholarship is Pauline Mifsud, the mother of our founder.  She was a single mother of four children and was never able to get a college degree, so she worked her entire life in lower-wage jobs, at times working two jobs, to support her children. 


Scholarship Award Details

  • $20,000 per year for college tuition & childcare expenses (scholarship is for 4 years or when you achieve your degree, whichever happens, sooner. The first two years must be at a community college with a transfer to a 4-year college).
  • Paid internship at Melita with a part-time, flexible schedule to work around your school schedule.
  • Assigned Melita mentor to act as a resource as you progress through your internship and your schoolwork.
  • Consideration for a full-time permanent position at Melita upon graduation.

Qualification Criteria

  • Single parent with at least one dependent child under the age of 14.
  • Financial need.  Must be low-income and unable to afford tuition and childcare expenses needed to pursue a degree.
  • College major must be in an area related to Human Resources (Ex. Human Resources Management, Organization Development, etc) 

How to Apply

We are now accepting applications for 2024. To apply, please complete the following:

  • Application Form
  • Essay of at least 700 words describing your financial need, why you chose to pursue a career in Human Resources, and your plans for the future.
  • Interviews (finalist candidates only)

*Proof of income will be required before awarding the final scholarship.

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