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Get the most out of your employee benefits dollars

When you work with Melita, you work closely with a highly qualified and experienced Benefits Advisor to guide you through the complex processes of benefits evaluation, negotiation, and selection.

Because benefits represent one of the top three or four expenses for your business, it’s crucial to work with a firm that gives you the time, attention and expertise necessary to secure the best plans at the lowest cost.

Employee Benefits

Distinguishing qualities that make us unique


Unlike many brokers, we do not have any proprietary product offerings and we don't play favorites.

As trusted, advisors of our clients, we have been and will always remain product agnostic so that we can represent the interests of our clients and their employees. Additionally, our company policy is that all of our staff members are prohibited from receiving any sort of insurance vendor bonus or incentive programs.


Benefits are complicated! And with more and more regulations and the expansion of benefits programs, that has only made things more complicated.

That means it's more important than ever to have a trusted, knowledgeable, experienced benefits adviser working on your behalf. All of our advisers have 10+ years of experience and a track record of high client retention.


Bench-marking, financial modeling, contribution analysis, predictive modeling, claims analysis, alternative funding mechanisms, employee surveys, and provider disruption analysis, are just a few of the ways we use data to shape our recommendations and guidance for our clients.

Employee's are able to access pay stubs, time cards, and PTO balances via mobile app.

Cost, Compliance & Communication

Employee benefits costs continue to rise. Compliance burdens continue to expand. And the importance of quality benefits communications continues to grow.

This requires deep experience, current knowledge, and fresh thinking to expertly navigate the balance of costs, compliance and communications, all of which are core competencies of the Melita benefits team.

Technology-enabled, People Powered

We use technology to better connect with our clients, to be more efficient, and to leverage computing power and data analytics to enhance our advice and knowledge. In short, we believe in blending the best technologies with the best people to deliver a technology-enabled, people powered solution.

Proactive Support

We take ownership for the entire benefits strategy and process to ensure you have plenty of time to evaluate and make intelligent, informed decisions.

We project manage every client renewal to ensure the process starts early and has a coordinated effort across our team and yours. You spend too much money on benefits for it not to be managed thoroughly and proactively.

More of Our Services

We start by giving you a quantified measurement of your HR infrastructure and practices. We can then customize a solution for your business based upon your needs, goals, budget, and priorities.


HR, Benefits & Payroll Technology

We blend the power of proven technology solutions, with highly skilled people and regimented processes, to deliver a complete solution.


Talent Acquisition Solution

Melita’s Talent Acquisition solution offers the complete strategy, process, technology, and management to help you attract, source, recruit, and hire quality candidates for your short term as well as long term hiring needs.


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