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Benefits are expensive! And that makes them a significant component of your overall employee compensation strategy. Moreover, employee awareness and appreciation of the value of their benefits program pales in comparison to their awareness of their salary compensation. However, the cost of a dollar spent on benefits is the same as a dollar spent on salary, so if you don’t have an effective benefits compensation and communication strategy, you’re wasting money.

When you work with Melita, you work closely with a highly qualified and experienced Benefits Advisor to guide you through the complex processes of benefits evaluation, negotiation, and selection. A discipline that requires years of expertise and experience. Because benefits represent one of the top three or four expenses for your business, it’s crucial to work with a firm that gives you the time, attention and expertise necessary to secure the best plans at the lowest cost.

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Not only are we independently owned, with no outside investors pressuring us to squeeze more profit out of clients and employees, but we are independe...

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Benefits are complicated! And with more and more regulations and the expansion of benefits programs, that has only made things more complicated. That ...

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Data Driven

Bench-marking, financial modeling, contribution analysis, predictive modeling, claims analysis, alternative funding mechanisms, employee surveys, and ...

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Cost, Compliance & Communication

Employee benefits costs continue to rise. Compliance burdens continue to expand. And the importance of quality benefits communications continues to gr...

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Technology-enabled, People Powered

We all know, technology is an increasingly integral part of our world. And it has a very powerful and useful purpose in the realm of HR, Benefits and ...

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Proactive Support
Proactive Support

You'll never catch us sleeping on the job. We take ownership for the entire benefits strategy and process to ensure our clients have plenty of time to...

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