Complete HR, Benefits & Payroll that grow with your business

Achieving Great HR requires a foundation of policies, processes and technology designed to find, recruit, hire, develop, inspire, lead and engage top performers. It requires broad and deep skill sets only found in a team of specialists.

At the core of the HRComplete solution is a complete team of specialists accountable for results with a focus on protecting and propelling your business.

Expert execution of the high impact activities

We help you to flawlessly execute the often underappreciated, but high impact activities related to employee relations, employee communications, new hire on-boarding, technology tools and resources, and employee support for benefits, payroll and HR policies and procedures. It’s the small things that make a big difference in elevating the hearts and minds of your employees.

Key Features of HRComplete

Complete HR, Benefits & Payroll Infrastructure

We build and manage a complete infrastructure of processes, policies, procedures, and employee communications, all bundled with our technology for a complete, efficient, tactical HR, Benefits & Payroll infrastructure that can scale with your business.

And because we build it custom for your business, you can take it over when you’re ready.

Advanced technology, installed, configured & supported by specialists

All-in-one HR, Benefits & Payroll cloud technology with optional Time & Attendance, Performance Management & Applicant Tracking modules.

We install, configure and support your technology so you have a powerful tool that can grow with your business. And your employees have a simple portal and hands on support so they will feel well-served and empowered.

Turnkey payroll

Complete payroll solution integrated with our cloud technology. Your dedicated Payroll Specialist processes payroll, supports managers and employees with time cards and PTO requests, and prepares all reports. Including all tax payments, government filings, W-2 distribution, direct deposit, time & attendance module, and advanced reporting.

Employee's are able to access pay stubs, time cards, and PTO balances via mobile app.

Custom Benefits Package Supported by Knowledgeable Experts​

You get access to the entire benefits marketplace, blended with independent, unbiased advice.

Also includes advanced cost modeling, analysis and benchmarking for informed decision making to ensure your benefits package aligns with your compensation philosophy.

Total Compliance

Complete infrastructure of compliant, yet employee friendly, HR & Benefits policies and procedures.

Ongoing tracking of compliance through our proprietary compliance dashboard to ensure your business is protected in the ever-changing world of HR compliance.

Advanced Reporting & Metrics​

Custom configured analytics and benchmarking dashboards such as Gender Pay Equity, Headcount Changes, Salary Benchmarking Data, Compensation Summary Data, and much more.

We manage and produce the dashboards and reports to help you understand relevant trends and patterns to inform your decisions related to your people.

HRComplete vs. PEO*

HRComplete PEO
Turnkey outsourcing of HR, Benefits & Payroll
Mandatory co-employment relationship
Competitive benefits purchased as part of a large pool of other businesses
Flexible, customized benefits package
Basic HR Support
Turnkey multi-state payroll
Cost effective Workers Comp
Proactive HR Advice & Guidance
Hands-on HR support for on-boarding/off-boarding
Complete HR, Benefits & Payroll compliance management
Advanced analytics and reporting support
Measurement and reporting of HR Key Performance Indicators
Complete HR, Benefits & Payroll compliance dashboard
Dedicated team of specialists
Easy transition to independence

*PEO = Professional Employment Organization

The full details of HRComplete

Starting at $40 PEPM

  • Assigned team of specialists
  • All-in-One HR, Benefits & Payroll technology, installed & managed by your Melita team
  • Employee portal & mobile app with Time & Attendance features
  • Totally paperless new hire on-boarding
  • Shared, secure cloud document storage for all HR files
  • Competitive benefits packages
  • Turnkey payroll service
    (international payroll also available)
  • Complete HR administration
    (on-boarding, off-boarding, LOA, employee relations support)
  • Total HR & Benefits compliance
  • Manager compliance training
  • Leave of Absence administration
  • Audit & reconciliation of benefits invoices
  • Employee support via phone or email
  • Support for multi-state and international employees
  • Optional Applicant Tracking and Performance Management technology

HRComplete delivers these key results

  • Strong foundation of HR infrastructure & technology designed for future growth
  • Reduced costs with more efficient, well designed processes
  • Reduced risk associated with compliance liabilities
  • Employees that are well-informed and supported
  • Pleasant, simple "employee experience" with all HR, Benefits & Payroll interactions
  • Improved Employee Engagement
  • Ability to focus internal HR resources on strategic initiatives
  • Key Performance Indicators/Dashboards of HR function for smarter, faster decision making
  • Strategic HR guidance from an executive level HR professional
  • Entire HR Infrastructure owned by you, so you can seamlessly transition to independence if and when you choose to do so

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